Whistle 1 – Improving Beginners

As there is no complete beginners’ class this year, this class is designed to carry on from the previous Whistle 1 beginners’ class or equivalent level, i.e. for those who already have a grasp of the fingering and a few tunes under their belt.  We will continue to expand the repertoire of tunes, with material in a variety of rhythms and keys, mainly in the Scottish tradition.  Suggestions for ornamentation and articulation will be given.  

You should have a whistle in the key of D for the class.

Delivery: The course will be delivered online, mostly as group Zoom sessions of 2 hours (including a ten minute break), with occasional classes consisting instead of shorter one-to-one-sessions at allotted time slots within the usual hours of the class.  Tunes will be taught by ear, but music also provided.
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-9pm
Maximum class size: 12
Tutor: Andrew Macintyre

Whistle 2 – Improvers

This class is aimed at students with some experience, who are keen to develop their repertoire and learn some basic gracings. We will develop upon the basic understanding of the tin whistle, taking players into a slightly more diverse and technical tune territory, while moving at a pace suited to all involved. Some straightforward traditional music will be introduced along with some contemporary melodies, with opportunities for students to make suggestions.

Delivery: Music and a tune tutorial video will be issued prior to the class. The video will include the tune broken down into phrases, as well as a slow and faster version of the tune. There will be a Zoom class for 1 hour to consolidate learning and address tricky areas! This will be adapted as we find our feet with Zoom and smaller group sessions/ short 1:1 sessions can be used where appropriate. 
Day/Times: Thursdays from 7pm
Max class size: 15
Tutor: Sam Gillespie

Whistle 3 – Intermediate

This class is aimed at whistle players with a couple of years or more experience under their belts. Learn a wider range of tunes and styles, with focus on articulation and gracing, to develop your whistle playing further.

Delivery: a one-hour group online Zoom session from 7 to 8pm, followed by one-to-one sessions from 8.15 – 8.45pm (one or two students per week).
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7pm
Maximum class size: 17
Tutor: Freya Rae