Venue Information

Classes: held in The Malala Building.

Term 1 :: Wednesday evening – Mixed Instrument 3 & on Thursday evening Sangstream in the Forum on Level 1.

(On Parents’ Evenings classes held in The Forum will run in the Theatre in The Muriel Spark Building).

All other classes are held on Level 2.

Pedestrian access:  from Warrender Park Road (as shown below) and also through the school’s main car park on Whitehouse Loan, next to the Children First office

Parking: on street and the school’s main car park accessible from Whitehouse Loan (next to Children First office as shown below) – approximate postcode EH9 1AT

Cycles: approx 60 Sheffield bike racks inside the Warrender Park Road entrance, in front of The Malala Building


The following buses stop close to the school:
No 5 on Strathearn Road
No 24 on Marchmont Road
No 41 on Marchmont Crescent
Nos 11, 15, 16, 23, 45 on Bruntsfield Place


Pedestrian access: ramp access to The Malala Building from both the Warrender Park Road entrances and the Whitehouse Loan car park

Parking: disabled parking bays in the small car park accessible on Warrender Park Road for disabled badge holders only

Lift access: into the The Malala Building from Warrender Park Road car park. Look for the large traffic cone which the school uses to hold the entrance door open, and see the annotated image below

Recommended parking outside the school grounds

Whitehouse Loan / Gillis Centre

The rear entrance to the school is on Whitehouse Loan. Around 5 mins walk further down the Loan, past the side arch entrance to the Gillis Centre, there is an on-street parking bay for approx 15 cars. On class nights this is usually empty, and is free of charge after 5.30pm. See the green areas below


James Gillespie’s High School
57 Lauderdale Street

Class Info

  • Floor plan
  • The school can be very warm so we advise bringing a reusuable bottle to class. Refill bottles at the water fountain on Level 1 behind the Forum
  • For classes running on level 2 please use stair 3 (or the lift) at times when it is obvious that classes in the Forum are in progress
  • Located behind the Forum the SMG ‘shop’ will be open during the break displaying fliers and selling SMG merchandise – tunebooks, songbooks, CDs & stickers