Mixed Level Ukulele

This class is aimed at improving beginners to improving intermediate players.  As a minimum, you should already be familiar with how your instrument works and be able to tune it yourself prior to class.  You should be comfortable playing and changing between the basic ukulele chords in the keys of C, D, G and A, and have a basic understanding of strumming different beats and rhythms.  You will learn and play with other people at a comfortable pace in a friendly and encouraging environment. 

While classes are online, Colin is running a free session for more experienced ukulele players on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm until around 8.30-9.00pm.  Any Wednesday student can join this session if they want to and are able to play or learn the session repertoire. 

TERM 3 ENROLMENT IS OPEN FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS. If you have not attended our Term 2 class but would like to enrol in Term 3 please contact the SMG office to ask if it would be possible as the class is full.

Delivery: Two-hour online Zoom session
Maximum class size: 29
Day/Time: Wednesdays 7-9pm
Tutor: Colin Graham