_DRP9159The story goes that Wendy could sing before she could speak in the lovely lilting dialect of her native Aberdeenshire. She has been singing ever since, unaccompanied and with various groups at home and abroad. Wendy is a Voice Coach, Facilitator and Consultant. She is passionate about the human voice and empowering others to speak and sing with confidence and joy. She specialises in songs, old and new, from Scotland and beyond, as well as acting and performance and musical theatre. Her clients include the Scots Music Group, community education groups, corporate organisations and various charities. She is an Associate Tutor at Edinburgh University and a Specialist Lecturer at a local college. Wendy trained extensively under Frankie Armstrong and at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Wendy is an executive member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

According to Sheila Stewart MBE Wendy has The Conyach – the gift of singing  from the heart.

“Wendy has a rare talent, both as a singer and a facilitator. From first  meeting her I have been struck by her lively mind and profound understanding of the power of voice and song. Her own vocal flexibility, emotional range and ability to communicate make her a unique contributor to whatever she is engaged in. She has decades of experience in teaching and I’ve been very impressed as to her ability to adapt this to a much more informal mode of working. Her enthusiasm, mischievious sense of humour and intelligence are infectious. As a singer I have experienced her move her audience to tears, laughter,shivers and delight. I can thoroughly recommend her as both facilitator and performer.”

Frankie Armstrong, Singer and Voice Teacher