Scott MurrayBorn in Edinburgh, raised in Dunbar and Gorgie. Sang in school and church choirs. Edinburgh College of Art in the 60s, sang R&B and jazzy stuff in the Place, the Gamp. Lived in Italy for three years, then taught in Ayrshire, Essex, Fife. Left teaching aged 50, worked as Father Christmas in Jenners (so good at it they kept me on until Easter). Co-founded singing group Sangsters (‘Tingle factor in spades’ Folk Roots, ‘Cream of the crop’ The Scotsman), and made two well received CDs for Greentrax. Went to Iran three times to buy Persian carpets. Started working as music tutor with New Makars Trust, SMG, Sangschule etc. Recorded CD of own songs ‘Evenin’s Fa’ (see comments below). Songs recorded by Karine Polwart, Dick Gaughan and Roy Bailey. Nominated for Tutor of the Year and Scots Singer of the Year at the Scots Music Trad Awards 2012.

Here’s what poet Alistair Findlay has to say about being in Scott’s class: ’In the songwriting class I attended, and also sitting in on sessions with his song group, Linten Adie, Scott had an entirely relaxed approach to singing and playing the guitar, which he does brilliantly – but unfussily – himself. He combines this with genial good-humour, inviting everyone, without exception, to participate and develop their own ideas, but above all, enjoy themselves, and feel good about what they are doing, which is no doubt why he wrote that great song ‘I thought I had no voice’.

This is heartfelt, understated, unpretentious singing, beautiful and honest

…folk music at its best

What a marvellous instrument is Scott’s voice

Scott doesn’t just sing, he resonates. A voice in a million