Jenny SterlingJennifer recently graduated from The University of York where she read music as a first study singer. Although she is a classically trained musician, she has always loved Scottish music. Her interest in the genre started at a young age when she went along to singing groups with her mother, who now attends Linten Adie and Sangstream, and to the Youth Gaitherin. Since then she has spent a lot of time learning folk songs and attending classes/folk clubs when she can.

Throughout her time at university, folk music played a large part in her life. She played in a ceilidh band and began writing her own fiddle tunes. She based her final year project on Scottish, English and Irish folk songs, for which she arranged a number of songs for the instruments she plays (voice, fiddle, and piano), wrote about them and recorded them herself. They were arranged for between 1 and 8 parts and she recorded each part individually for the tracks.

Jennifer currently teaches Stockbridge Colonies Choir, which is a community choir that learns a variety of music including folk, jazz and popular. She arranges all of the music for the ability of the group and then teaches it by ear.

In the past she has also led the Gilmerton Singers, her church’s children’s choir and has recently begun helping with a children’s choir in Perth.

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