12 week term

10th/11th/18th*/12th/19th** Sept 2019

3rd/4th/11th*/5th/12th** December

The mid-term break falls on
15th/16th/17th October 

*5-String Banjo starts and ends one week later than other Wednesday classes

**THURSDAY evening classes start one week later as the school is unavailable on 12th September

Parent’s Evening at JGHS:
Wednesday 30th October
classes run as normal

Stramash dates:
Daytime classes 4th December
Weds evening classes 4th December
Thurs evening classes 12th December


10 week term

14th/15th/16th January 2020

The mid-term break falls on
11th/12th/13th February

17th/18th/19th &
24th/25th/26th March

Student Concert :: Friday 27th March **CANCELLED**

Parent’s Evenings at JGHS:
Thursday 30th January
Wednesday 11th March
classes run as normal


8 week term

21st/22nd/23rd April

9th/10th/11th June

No mid-term break
in term 3

Short Course
22nd, 29th April & 6th, 13th May

Parent’s Evenings at JGHS:
Thursday 14th May
Thursday 21st May
classes run as normal

Membership & enrolment opens on Thursday 1st August 2019

Early Bird runs until Tuesday 20th August for Term 1 * Tuesday 17th December for Term 2 * Tuesday 24th March 2020 for Term 3

SMG classes are open to anyone aged 18 or over and are held over three continuous terms which align to the school year, September to June, for 12, 10 and 8 weeks.

SMG classes take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the school year, with both daytime and evening classes. Click here for a link to the classes listed by day.

The final week of Term 1 features end-of-term ‘stramashes’ where classes meet to share tunes and songs, on the last ‘normal’ day of term for evening classes. Daytime classes arrange a time and date which suits most classes best.

There is also a Student Concert at the end of Term 2 to which all classes from all days are invited to attend and perform. There is no event at the end of Term 3. Friends and family are welcome to attend all end-of-term performances.