Scottish Song & Beyond

A friendly, relaxed singing group who enjoy learning folk songs from across Scotland and beyond. Online sessions will include gentle vocal exercises and the chance to sing a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk music. This group is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced singers, with the opportunity to sing in harmony and to work at a pace which suits you. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom and can be accessed online or by phone.

Delivery: Weekly 1.5hr Zoom session which can be accessed online or by phone
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 10.30am – 12pm
Maximum class size: 39
Tutor: Robyn Stapleton

Sing Together

This flourishing group learns a wide variety of traditional Scots songs.

We learn by ear, with easy and enjoyable voice warm-ups, simple rounds and games to build confidence, and a chance to try harmonies. The atmosphere is relaxed, warm, welcoming, sociable and musical.

Songs include Burns songs, seasonal songs, songs of celebration, Edinburgh songs, songs from the Scottish Traveller tradition, work songs, children’s songs, songs your granny loved, songs from contemporary songwriters, songs from other traditions…

During Covid, the focus has shifted from group singing techniques to the discussion of how you can make a song your own, connecting with your own voice and appreciating your own sense of phrasing and rhythm. We share musical recommendations for listening and every week two or three people take a turn to give the class a song themselves (optional)

This class focuses on the fun of singing, connecting to our voices and the amazing traditional material that we have at our disposal. The class is very dynamic and requests for specific songs/song types are listened to and taken on board.

The class takes place on a Zoom video call with cups of tea, it is very sociable. When learning a song, the participants place themselves on ‘mute’ and the tutor sings through the lines with them as they learn. Participants are encouraged to make the song their own using various techniques and choices presented by the tutor. 

Any necessary resources, videos lyrics and recordings are sent by the tutor via email.

Delivery: Weekly 1.5 hour Zoom session plus extra resources
Maximum class size: 30
Day/Time: Thursdays from 11am-12.30pm
Tutor: Kirsty Law