Scots Music Group runs traditional music and song classes for adults, informal sessions, monthly ceilidhs and other social events.
We are a community-based charity in Edinburgh.

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We have a range of items that you won’t want to be without.  So take a look and support our great charity by purchasing from us.

SMG members benefit from a discount on our books and cds. If you are a current member please enter this coupon code at the checkout SMGMEM2324

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Tune & Song Books

Our tune books and song books are in the process of being re-printed.

Please check back for further updates.

May 2024

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Compact Discs

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Scots Music Group branded t-shirts and hoodies – each order contributes to SMG’s work.

Long Logo Hoodie


Short Logo Hoodie


Long Logo T-shirt


Short Logo T-shirt


Long Logo Women’s FItted T


Small Logo Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt


Short Logo Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt


Long Logo Women’s Shirt


Short Logo Women’s Shirt


Long Logo Men’s Shirt


Delivery or Collection

We can post our products when you pay online or you can come in and collect them (and pay) in person

Member Prices

Members benefit from a discount code on many of our products.  We check each code against our member data base to ensure you get the best value for money

Here To Help

If you want help or support or you would like to come in and talk to us about the products we are always here to help.  Just get in touch!