Merchandise is available from the SMG office and JGHS on the first night of term.

For delivery in the UK please contact the SMG office for p&p charges and details of how to pay. Merchandise is not available for international delivery.



£1.00 each towards SMG funds.

Diameter 11cm.

Sturdy waterproof vinyl ideal for your instrument case and song & music folders.

All books and cds are £4.00 each for SMG members and £5.00 each for non members.

SMG Session Tunes Book 1
A comprehensive compilation of 32 Scots Music Group session tunes to get you playing. Includes The Ale Is Dear, The Butterfly, Morrison’s Jig, Spootiskerry and many many more.

SMG Session Tunes Book 2 **out of print**
Our second Scots Music Group session tunes book containing more popular tunes and some contemporary compositions, including some from our very own tutors.

SMG Session Tunes Book 3
Even more Scots Music Group session tunes. Contains a variety of well known and new tunes including some from Cape Breton, Shetland, Ireland and the US.

SMG Session Tunes CD 1
This cd has been produced to accompany our Session Tunes Book 1. An acoustic recording by tutors and students which will prove very useful for those wanting to expand their repertoire.

SMG Session Tunes CD 2
A further cd to accompany our Session Tunes Book 2. Tunes include The Barren Rocks of Aden, Calum’s Road, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Lad wi’ the Plaidie and many more.

SMG Session Song Book **out of print**
SMG’s first songbook complied in 2006. It contains a selection of songs that members of our song classes and Sangstream, the SMG community choir, enjoy singing including A Man’s A Man, The Broom of the Cowdenknowes and Auld Lang Syne. Includes the tunes.


SMG 50 Favourite Traditional Scots Songs
Jam packed with 50 traditional songs in easy to read text with a comprehensive glossary and a list of resources.
Starts with Ae Fond Kiss and ends with Ye Jacobites by Name with all your favourites in between!