Scottish Smallpipes 1 – Improving Beginners

As there is no complete beginners’ class this year, this class is aimed at those who have already done the previous Smallpipes 1 beginners’ class or equivalent level, i.e. those who know the fingering and some basic ornamentation, can keep the pipes going more-or-less steadily with the bellows and can play a few tunes.  We will continue to expand the repertoire of tunes, introducing some new rhythms and more complex ornamentation, with tips on bellows technique and tuning where required. 

You should have a set of Scottish smallpipes in the key of A for the class.

Delivery: online, mostly as group Zoom sessions of 2 hours (including a ten-minute break), with every third or fourth class consisting instead of shorter one-to-one sessions at allotted time slots within the usual hours of the class.  Tunes will be taught by ear, but music also provided.
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 7-9pm
Maximum class size: 12
Tutor: Andrew Macintyre


Scottish Smallpipes 2 – Improvers

For smallpipers with around 2 years’ experience who are confident in basic fingering and simple tunes. We will look at the finer points of technique and phrasing and also introduce some more complex tunes, particularly those that are commonly played at sessions. We will also explore the use of harmonies to enhance tunes, and consider the possibilities for playing with other instruments, looking at basic knowledge of keys in which smallpipes can play. You should have a set of smallpipes in A to bring to the class.

Delivery: via a mixture of online Zoom group sessions, individual lessons and extra learning resources shared via Dropbox
Day/Time: online Zoom sessions on Wednesdays from 7pm
Maximum class size: 12
Tutor: Fin Moore

Scottish Smallpipes 3 – Intermediate

For smallpipers with several years’ experience, confident in fingering and with a good basic repertoire of more complex tunes. We will develop your technique and phrasing, harmonising and playing with other instruments in various keys. The class will look at improving rhythm and getting tunes up to speed, working towards playing more confidently by ear. You should have a set of smallpipes in A.

Delivery: weekly 45-minute Zoom classes, one-to-one sessions and extra resources.
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 7-7.45pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Malin Lewis

Scottish Smallpipes 4 – Advanced

For smallpipers with several years experience looking to develop their technique and repertoire. Players will be confident playing by ear, can play up to speed, and looking to challenge their playing abilities in various keys. You should have a set of smallpipes in A

Delivery: Recordings will be posted in Dropbox at a various learning speeds in advance of the contact time. We will communicate via email to agree on the needs of the group and individuals each week, which will determine the structure of the lesson (either a longer group session or shorter 1:1 sessions on Zoom). During the sessions we will discuss and tackle any challenging aspects of the material and then sheet music and full speed recording will be posted along with the next week’s learning material after the class has finished
Day/Time: Online Zoom sessions on Wednesdays from 7pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Ailis Sutherland