We’re delighted to have this opportunity to bring together a variety of workshops for a Day of Song!

Saturday 12th December 2020

Online Via Zoom

We’ve brought together a mixture of sessions to support your vocal wellbeing, learn some great songs, hear the stories and creative ideas, and celebrate together as best we can. Leading the workshops will be not one but two BBC Folk Singers of the Year, one of Scotland’s most respected choir leaders and composers, a rising star from Aberdeenshire and a great double act to get us warmed up.


9.45-10.00      Welcome

10.00-10.25    Warm-up with Dawn Hartley & Quee MacArthur

Dawn and Quee offer an online physical warm up for singers. With live music played by Quee to accompany the moves, the session is intended as a preparation for the day’s singing. We’ll start seated and move to standing for those who want to. We will also introduce gently moving with the voice, focusing on grounding.

10.30-11.30     Ali Burns: Freeing Up Your Lockdown Voice

Join Ali Burns and blow away the cobwebs from your singing voice with this one-hour workshop on getting your voice back into shape. The workshop will include fun, practical exercises; different ways to approach looking after you voice; explanations as to what’s needed; a bit of a sing and access to warm up worksheets.

11.45-12.45      Ellie Beaton: The North East

Ellie will lead us in singing some of the staple songs of the North-East. In this workshop, you will learn about songs such as Bothy Ballads, as well as the traditional ballads themselves. As well as learning the songs, we will also discuss the importance of keeping these ballads alive in the 21st century.

12.45 – 13.30    Zoom lunch

Join us for some lunchtime chat while you have a bite to eat, and maybe a song or two!

13.30-14.30     Kris Drever: Behind The Song

Kris will be teaching one of his songs and discussing how it came about. If you have a general songwriting question for Kris, you can email it to us in advance on info@scotsmusic.org, and there’ll be opportunities to ask questions on the day.

14.45-15.45     Bella Hardy’s Christmas Song Party

Celebrate the festive season with the Peak District’s luminary folk songstress Bella Hardy. Bella will be hosting a Christmas party just for us, where you’ll learn rounds and traditional festive songs in harmony. Christmas hats and a glass of punch encouraged but not compulsory.

15.45     Farewells

Delivery: hosted online by Scots Music Group Zoom
Date: Saturday 12th December 2020
Time: Zoom opens at 9.45am and ends approx 3.45pm
Day Ticket: £30 pay more / £22 full / £14 concession

We have included a ‘pay more’ price for anyone who is able to support Scots Music Group at this time, as most of our usual fundraising activities aren’t happening. If you don’t normally qualify for a concession price but have been financially affected by Covid, please do pay the lower price.


How do I buy a workshop ticket through the SMG website?

  • If you are new to Scots Music Group – welcome! Before buying a ticket we ask you to signUP through our website. We then have your details to send you confirmation of your booking, email you the Zoom details in advance and contact you in the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled. Please signUP here .
  • If you have registered your details with Scots Music Group please click on Book Now or Buy a Song Day ticket and signIN.
  • From your Dashboard, click on New booking.  This will open to a list of our classes with Singing Workshop: Day of Song at the top of the list. Click on this link and follow the booking process.

Can I buy more than one ticket in a single transaction?

Yes. Our ticket sales are set up to allow two ticket purchases per person. You will be asked  to submit the name of the second participant.

Do I have to buy my ticket online?

We encourage purchasing tickets online for participants convenience. If however you can’t buy through the website please contact the office. You will be asked to pay for your ticket in advance by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Tickets cannot be purchased by card over the phone.

I’ll be attending the workshop one screen with someone else. Do we each need to buy a ticket?

We would encourage anyone who will be attending the workshop with a number of others to show their support for SMG and buy a ticket each. Our ticket sales are set up to allow two ticket purchases per person, so you can buy a ticket for yourself and one other person.

When does online booking close?

Online booking closes at 9am on Saturday 12th December.

Can I access these Zoom workshops by telephone?

Yes of course. The workshops are hosted by the Scots Music Group Zoom so there will be just one set of Zoom login details that we will email to all participants. If you would like advice on how to phone into Zoom please contact us.

Can you help me with Zoom?

Please get in contact if you would like Zoom help in advance of the workshop.

How many Zoom links will you send me?

We’ll email you one link.  Scots Music Group is hosting all the workshops.

Do I need SMG membership to attend the Day of Song?

No. The main benefit of SMG membership is the discount it gives on class fees. However there is no membership discount for workshop tickets.

If you would like to support the work of SMG please click here for more information about membership or to make a donation click here

Can I have a refund?

Workshops run according to demand and fees are non-refundable. If that would lead to exceptional hardship for you, then please do get in touch with the office to explain your particular circumstances, which will be treated confidentially.

Please note that in the case of SMG cancelling this workshop day, e.g. due to low numbers, refunds will be given in full. If part of a day workshop is cancelled, a proportional partial refund will be given.