Scots Music Group runs traditional music and song classes for adults, informal sessions, monthly ceilidhs and other social events.
We are a community-based charity in Edinburgh.

Amy Geddes image

Amy Geddes

SMG Tutor

Musician & educator Amy Geddes grew up in Galloway and is widely
recognised as a leading light in the world of contemporary Scottish
She is held in high regard as an inspirational tutor, teaching
children in schools, training teachers across Scotland and working
for organisations like RCS, GFW, LFW, SMG.
Amy is a performer and has recorded 3 solo CDs, also performing
on around 50 more. Her own tunes feature in Ho-ro-gheallaidh and
on many recordings.
2017 saw the launch of her first book Fyne Fiddles Volume 1, a
suite of lessons with audio: