Session Tunes Book 3 cover

SMG Session Tunes Book 3

This third collection of session tunes provides a varied and useful selection of tunes including some from Cape Breton, Shetland, Ireland and the US.

First published in 2000.


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These are the tunes in this session book - Air for Linda; The Back o’ Benachie; The Barnyards o’ Delgaty; The Bloody Fields of Flanders; Da Boannie Polka; The Braes o’Tullimet; Brenda Stubbert’s; Calum Crubrach; Castle Drummond; Cooley’s Waltz; The Crown at Portpatrick; Cutting Ferns; Devil in the Kitchen; Drummond Castle; The Dundee Hornpipe; Da Field’s O’Foula; Fingal’s Cave; Freedom Come All Ye; The Galloway Hornpipe; Glasgow Gaelic Club; The Gravel Walk; Greenwoodside; Gul Fhin; Hamish the Carpenter; Isle of Glass; Jig St Brest; Jimmy Allan; John of Badenyon; The Lea Rig; Leeze Me; Mishie’s Jig; Miss Drummond of Perth; The Mullindhu; Da New Rigged Ship; O’Keeffe’s Slide; Och a Chaillain; The Old Grey Cat; Old Time Wedding Reel  1; Old Time Wedding Reel 2;  Old Time Wedding Reel 3; Put Me In The Big Chest; The Reel of Tullochgorum; Sam’s Reel; Sean Truibhas; Sister Jean; Shean Trews; The Shore Bar; Stick Bubbly; Stool of Repentance; Thunderhead; Tom Bhetty’s Waltz; Trip to Pakistan; The Warlocks; Whaur Gadie Rins and The Yellow Haired Laddie.

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