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SMG Session Tunes Book 1

A comprehensive compilation of 32 session tunes.

First published in 1999.


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The tunes in this book are 72nd’s Farewell to Aberdeen; The Ale is Dear; Atholl Highlanders; The Battle of the Somme; Boy’s Lament for his Dragon; The Burning of the Piper’s Hut; The Butterfly; Corriechoille’s Farewell to the Northern Meeting; The Drunken Piper’s; Eibhlin; Harris Dance; Harvest Home Strathspey; High Road to Linton; The Hut On Staffin Island; The Jig o’ Slurs; Margaret’s Waltz; Midnight on the Water; Mirrie Boys of Greenland; Miss Lyall; Miss Rowan Davies; Morrison’s Jig; Mrs MacLeod of Raasay; Paddy’s Leather Breeches; Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie; Short Coated Mary; Da Slockit Light; Smith’s a Gallant Fireman; Soldier’s Joy; Spootiskerry; Stirling Castle; Tail Toddle and Willafjord.

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