SMG 50 Mair Favourite Traditional Scots Songs

50 mair of our traditional songs in easy to read text.


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Our third song book, published in May 2018, follows on from the success of 50 Favourite with the lyrics of more traditional songs from the past repertoire of our singing groups and folk choir Sangstream. Includes a glossary and a list of resources.

The 50 songs in this book are A Guid New Year to Ane an Aa; A Man's a Man for a' That; Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?; Auld Lang Syne; Auld Maid in a Garrett; Balulalow; Birnie Boozle; The Boatie Rows; Bonnie George Campbell; Bonnie Glenshee; Bonnie Hielan Laddie; Braw Sailing on the Sea; Broom o the Cowdenknowes; Cairn o Mount; Caller Herrin'; Duncan Gray; The Fisherman's Wife; Flow Gently Sweet Afton; The Four Maries; Gae Fetch tae me a Pint o Wine; Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa; Hishie Ba; I've a Laddie in America; Johnnie Johnston; Killiecrankie; Logie o Buchan; MacPherson's Farewell; Minnie o Shirva's Cradle Song; Mormond Braes; My Heart's in the Highlands; My Last Farewell to Stirling; My Name is Jock Stewart; My True Love's a Sailor; O Gin I were a Baron's Heir; The Parting Glass; Plooman Laddies; Rolling Home to Caledonia; The Rovin Ploughboy; The Sands o the Shore; The Scarborough's Settler's Lament; The Shearin; The Silver Tassie; The Slave's Lament; The Sun Rises Bright in France; Tail Toddle; Time Wears Awa; Tramps and Hawkers; Twa Recruitin Sairgeants: The Unst Boat Song; Up in the Morning Early; We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa; Wha Saw the Tattie Howkers; When I Was Single; Will ye go tae Flanders? and The Witches' Reel.

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