Parents’ Evenings running on Wednesdays 21st & 28th November

All classes will run as normal with just one room change for Mixed Instrument 3 who will meet in the Dining Centre in the Muriel Spark Building, as the Forum is being used by the school.

On arrival, for all Level 2 classes, your access to classrooms is restricted to the lift and Stair 3. Please do not use the stair by the Forum while it is in use by the school and take direction to your class if it is given. If you need to use the toilets or the water fountain at the rear of The Forum please use Stair 4 to return to Level 1. Please see the floor plan to the left.

Further JGHS venue info can be found here, which includes a floor plan, a plan of the school grounds and video walk though from the entrance of the Malala Building, up Stair 3 to Level 2.