How do I sign up with the SMG website?

If you’re a new student to Scots Music Group or just want to receive our infrequent e-Newsletters please sign up!

Create an account here or click on ‘Book Now’ on the homepage and signUP

Can’t sign in?

– This is a new website launched in 2015. Make sure you’re not using your login details from the previous SMG site, which may be different. Contact the office if you’re unsure

– You may not have signed up with the new website already. If not, you’ll need to create an account:

– If you’ve already signed up with the new website, make sure you’re on the SignIN page, not the SignUP page. If the website’s asking you to enter all your personal details again, you’re in the wrong place. Here’s where to SignIN:

– Make sure you’re using the right email address. If you have several email accounts and you’re not sure which one you’ve used to log in before, contact the office to check which one we have on our system, to avoid creating duplicate accounts

Forgotten your SMG website password?

– Easy done! Go to the SignIN page:, and click the orange “I forgot my password!” link on the right hand side

– If you have more than one email address, please check with the office which one we have on our system, to avoid creating duplicate accounts

Password reset link email not received?

– Check your spam or junk mail folder. It’s possible the email has gone in there. Usually the subject line is “Scots Music Group – Member password reset”

– If you’re using an email address, we are aware that password reset emails do not seem to be arriving. Apple filters emails silently without giving notifications for messages which their servers suspect are spam. It also does not offer a “whitelist” to add confirmed or approved email addresses or domains. We are unable to influence this. If you have an icloud email address and need your password reset, unfortunately you will need to contact the SMG office. Our opening hours are here, although we do check emails occasionally on other days

Need to change / update your details?

– Go to the SignIN page with your existing log-in, and click “Your profile” once you’ve logged in. From there you can change your email address, phone numbers and postal address as required

Getting a "Session Expired" message?

Mac / Safari users: we are aware there is a bug in the Safari 9.1.2 version released by Apple on 18th July 2016. To fix this, go to your Preferences / Privacy settings and locate and delete the cookie for If that doesn’t work, try another browser such as Google Chrome

Windows PC users: there seem to be some issues using the new Microsoft Edge browser which is standard in Windows 10. Use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, or search in the Windows 10 menu search box for Internet Explorer, which is still installed on Windows 10 but is not the default browser

Not seeing the prices you expect?

– If you want to pay membership prices please purchase membership before booking classes. The website only displays member prices to those with a current membership. There is a reminder above the SignIN box:

– Membership runs from 1st August to 31st July each year

– If you need to check, our class prices are here

PayPal problems?

– It is possible to pay with a debit or credit card without needing a PayPal account. If you seem unable to check out successfully, ensure that you’re not using an email address that is linked to an existing PayPal account, as it will prompt you to sign in to that PayPal account

– If you have a PayPal account but have forgotten the password, you’ll need to click “Having trouble logging in?” on PayPal’s own login page. You probably have a different password for PayPal that is not the same, or anything to do with, the SMG website or login

– We have been made aware that after a certain number of uses of the PayPal facility by non-account holders, (on the SMG website and any other external sites that use this method), you may be asked to sign up for a PayPal account

– We are aware that not everyone wishes to use PayPal. There are other ways to pay, listed here: We use PayPal as it gives charities like us a substantial reduction on transaction fees; this saves us a great deal of money over the year, allowing us to invest more resources in our class programme

My problem isn’t listed

For all other website or booking issues, please contact the SMG office