We know learning new things can be a nervous experience for many people and sometimes an intimidating environment, so it’s not always easy to remember your Ps and Qs when concentrating on getting your playing or singing right! So here are a few things to consider, to help foster a culture of respect for your tutors and fellow SMG students:

  • Arrive promptly to start your class on time.
    Students arriving late can disrupt the flow of the class. Also come a wee bit earlier if you need extra time to tune up.
  • Avoid chatting, playing or tuning your instrument – also called ‘noodling’! – while tutors are talking or other students are asking questions. 
  • Practise between classes if you can find the time.
  • Please don’t bring friends, family members or children with you to class
 Also some practical pointers for students at James Gillespie’s High School: 
  • Please try to avoid entering the classrooms before 6.45pm, especially if it’s obvious school staff are still cleaning.
  • Help keep the rooms tidy – dispose of half-time crumbs, so classrooms are clean for school pupils the following morning.
  • Please help replace classroom tables and chairs at the end of your class.
  • Please leave the venue promptly, so the janitor can lock up.
Thank you!