Fiddle 1a

For people that have been playing for at least one year and have some experience of learning tunes by ear. In Term 3 we will focus on;
  • Learning new tunes by ear
  • Looking at some new key signatures, notes, time signatures, and rhythms
  • Learning new scales and arpeggios
  • Getting a nicer overall sound and tone
  • Perfecting general technique
  • Looking at some basic bowing and ornaments
Delivery: Weekly 1.5 hour Zoom sessions with 10 minute break, followed by an email with a summary of the lesson and three recordings of any new tunes at different speeds. All recordings and other materials will be available via Google Drive.
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-8.30pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Eryn Rae

Fiddle 1

Suitable for people with 12-18 months playing experience. We will cover:

  • Improve tone and bow control
  • Explore new key and time signatures
  • Expand our knowledge of the stylistic elements of Scottish fiddle music
  • Introduce using grace notes and embellishment in our playing
  • Begin to think about grouping tunes into ‘sets’
  • Build on confident, tension free playing
  • Have fun while doing all of the above!

Delivery: 1.5 hour class via Zoom, with tune breakdown, sheet music & technique videos provided following each class via Dropbox.
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-8.15pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Kirstie Mclanaghan

Fiddle 2

For people who have been playing for around 2 years. This class will continue to develop both your technique and your understanding of fiddle music. It will cover:
  • different types of tunes and the form they take
  • basic music theory to help you understand the tunes better, including some scales and arpeggios
  • learning and playing tunes by ear
  • exercises to help improve your technique and posture
  • plenty of opportunities to ask questions and give feedback during the term

Delivery: Weekly 1h 15min Zoom sessions plus extra resources
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-8.15pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Jeri Foreman

Fiddle 3

For improvers who have played for around 3-4 years already. Building on basic skills and knowledge, this class will cover:
  • Learning new tunes by ear in a range of different styles, keys and rhythms
  • Grouping tunes together into sets
  • Becoming comfortable playing in different keys
  • Using bowing patterns to develop style, rhythm and phrasing
  • Using ornamentation to create style and interest
  • Using dynamics to create emotion and interest
  • Improving tone, technique and posture
  • Consolidating scales and arpeggios
  • Building confidence in our playing
  • Having fun!
Delivery: On Fridays, a YouTube playlist will be sent out containing tutorial videos to learn the week’s tune, often including an exercise to help with a difficult aspect of the tune. Students are asked to watch these videos and learn the tune in advance of a 1-hour Zoom class on Thursday nights. Students are also encouraged to record videos of themselves and send them to Isla to receive individual feedback
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-8pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Isla Ratcliff

Fiddle 4

At this level, students will be ready to embrace the challenges of:

  • Playing tunes and exercises at a faster tempo
  • Developing a more expressive, musical way of playing
  • Working on controlling the bow
  • Developing more accurate intonation
  • Playing with others in a sensitive and musical way
  • Increasing repertoire and developing ability to retrieve tunes from memory 

Students will also be encouraged to form a more critical, listening ear for their own playing and to work on their ability to practice effectively at home. 

Delivery: Classes will be delivered via Youtube unlisted videos (and physical resources such as sheet music) released on Fridays and a weekly 1-hour Zoom practice on Thursday evenings. Students will also be encouraged to record themselves playing and send in their videos, for which they will receive individual feedback in video form.
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7.30-8.30pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Rachel Walker

Fiddle 5

The class will focus on improving technique, including intonation, tone and bowing, and building confidence in your playing.

  • Playing in a range of keys, including more challenging keys
  • Using ornamentation, ringing strings and different bowing styles
  • Learning more quickly by ear
  • Playing up to speed

Delivery: a weekly group Zoom session (1 hr 15 mins) which includes some 1:1 time, plus tuition videos and resources sent out to learn in advance. 
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7.30-8.30pm  **note new class time for Term 3**
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor:  Sally Simpson

Fiddle 6

For people who have been playing for around 5 years or more and are confident learning quickly by ear.

The class aims to build on your repertoire, learning how tunes can be used (e.g. playing for dancing) and focusing on more complex keys and positions and unusual tunes. We will work on advanced technique, bowing and ornamentation, the understanding of regional styles and the development of your own style. Learn a range of traditional and more contemporary tunes commonly heard in traditional music sessions around Scotland.

Delivery: 1-hour online Zoom sessions plus extra resources
Day/Time: Thursdays from 7-8pm
Maximum class size: 15
Tutor: Eilidh Steel Term 3

Fiddle 7

In this class, we try and go “beyond” the written music. We work on aspects of articulation, interpretation, technique, and performance practice. At the start of term, learners will be provided with a term workbook containing sheet music, recordings, and supplementary material. Learners are expected to familiarise themselves with the tune on a basic level before we discuss the material as a class. 

Delivery: Detailed workbook plus group Zoom classes. Throughout term, we will follow a two-week rhythm. In the first week we will have a group class for 1.5 hours from 7pm. In the second week, on a rota  basis, 4 students will have 1:1 tutorials for 30 mins each, from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Day/Time: Every other Thursday from 7-8.30pm
Maxium class size: 15
Tutor: Bernadette Kellermann