Donations & Gift Aid


If you would like to, and feel that you can afford to support the organisation there are various ways you can make a donation to Scots Music Group.

  • Include a donation when enrolling
  • Through PayPal ~ by credit/debit card or PayPal account
  • By cash during SMG office opening hoursoffice is currently closed due to COVID
  • By cheque, made payable to Scots Music Group, and posted to Scots Music  Group, Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road Edinburgh EH10 4DP
  • By bank transfer. Please contact us for details

You can also help us by agreeing to Gift Aid your donation.

Simply complete the form opposite.


For all methods please add Gift Aid if eligible – details below

An important aspect to Scots Music Group’s valuable work is raising funds so that we can continue to provide generous discounts to eligible concession-holders, accessible events, affordable products and actively support our community development projects.

We are a self-sustaining organisation and need to cover a significant proportion of our costs through our own fundraising, including donations.  We welcome donations from individuals, businesses and other organisations, whether on joining as a member, enrolment or at events, or indeed at any other time.  If you would like to make a donation to support a particular aspect of our activities, or include a bequest when drawing up a will, please get in touch to discuss how best to set this up.


Use Gift Aid to make your donation go further

Your donation could be worth 25% more – at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid lets Scots Music Group reclaim tax on donations you have made to us.  The UK government’s Gift Aid scheme means that, for every £10 you give, we can claim an extra £2.50 from the UK Treasury, making your gifts worth more to Scots Music Group.

You must ensure that you pay the same amount or more of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax as all charities and CASC’s will claim on your gifts in a tax year and you will be responsible to pay any difference.  If you are not a UK taxpayer, for example if you are retired or a student, Gift Aid does not apply to you. Find out about Gift Aid on the website  (Claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC – GOV.UK)


How to add Gift Aid 

  • When enrolling online, tick the Gift Aid box below the amount of your donation
  • Complete our online Gift Aid Form.
  • For cash, cheque, PayPal and bank transfer complete a hard copy Gift Aid form for either a single or multiple donation and send in to the office.