We’re delighted to have this opportunity to bring together a variety of workshops for a Day of Tunes!


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Saturday 13th March 2021

Online Via Zoom

We have brought together four great musicians to share their thoughts on four different types of traditional tune: pipe marches (Gary West), strathspeys (Sarah-Jane Summers), reels (Mike Vass) and jigs (Ian Lowthian). The main focus will be on Scottish tunes, though tutors may make comparisons with tunes from elsewhere.

The workshops will take the form of masterclasses. There will be no in-depth tune-learning on the day, but each tutor will provide two tunes in advance (notation and recording), one of which will be suitable for less experienced players. You will be able to play the tunes with the tutor on the day, and sections of the tunes will be used as illustrations.

The workshops are aimed at a wide range of levels. If you are a less experienced player, you won’t play along as much as more advanced students, but you’ll gain valuable insights to apply to your playing in the future. Complete beginners and players of other types of music are also very welcome.


9.45                    Zoom meeting opens

10.00                  Welcome

10.05-10.15        Warm up with Sarah Northcott

10.15-11.15        Pipe Marches with Gary West

11.30-12.30        Strathspeys with Sarah-Jane Summers

12.30-13.30        Zoom lunch ~ join us for some chat & tunes!

Includes a session from 12.45 – 1.15 led by Sarah Northcott

13.30-14.30        Reels with Mike Vass

14.45-15.45        Jigs with Ian Lowthian

15.45-16.00        Farewells

Delivery: hosted online by Scots Music Group Zoom
Date: Saturday 13th March 2021
Time: Zoom opens at 9.45am and ends approx 4pm
Day Ticket: £30 pay more / £22 full / £14 concession

We have included a ‘pay more’ price for anyone who is able to support Scots Music Group at this time, as most of our usual fundraising activities aren’t happening. If you don’t normally qualify for a concession price but have been financially affected by Covid, please pay the lower price.

What instruments are welcome?

All instruments! Music notation will be in concert pitch. Accompanists will benefit from a greater understanding of the tunes in general. Workshops will look at the pulse or overall rhythm of the tunes as well as the melody, which will be useful to both accompanists and melody players.


Other Workshop FAQs

When will I get the tunes?

The tunes will be available to download from our website a week before the workshops. We’ll send you all the information you need to do this.

**Zoom and resources info was emailed to participants on Thursday 4th March. Please check spam/trash folders if this email is not in your Inbox**

If you’re joining in by phone and don’t use the internet, contact the office to arrange to get the resources. Make sure you book early so that they arrive in good time, as they may be posted to you.

How do I buy a workshop ticket through the SMG website?

  • If you are new to Scots Music Group – welcome! Before buying a ticket we ask you to signUP through our website. We then have your details to send you confirmation of your booking, email you the Zoom details in advance and contact you in the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled. Please signUP here .
  • If you have registered your details with Scots Music Group please click on Book Now or Buy a Day of Tunes ticket and signIN.
  • From your Dashboard, click on New booking.  This will open to a list of our classes with Music Workshop: Day of Tunes at the top of the list. Click on this link and follow the booking process.

Can I buy more than one ticket in a single transaction?

Yes. Our ticket sales are set up to allow two ticket purchases per customer. Please note that is the second ticket is for someone not in your household please contact us with their email/phone number so that we can share the Zoom and resource details with them.

Do I have to buy my ticket online?

We encourage purchasing tickets online for participants convenience. If however you can’t buy through the website please contact the office. You will be asked to pay for your ticket in advance by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Tickets cannot be purchased by card over the phone.

I’ll be attending the workshop one screen with someone else. Do we each need to buy a ticket?

We would encourage anyone who will be attending the workshop with a number of others to show their support for SMG and buy a ticket each. Our ticket sales are set up to allow two ticket purchases per person, so you can buy a ticket for yourself and one other person.

When does online booking close?

Online booking closes at 9am on Saturday 13th March.

Can I access these Zoom workshops by telephone?

Yes of course. The workshops are hosted by the Scots Music Group Zoom so there will be just one set of Zoom login details that we will share with all participants. If you are joining the workshop by phone or would like advice on how to phone into Zoom please contact us.

How many Zoom links will you give me?

We’ll share one link with you.  Scots Music Group is hosting all the workshops.

Can you help me with Zoom?

Please get in contact, in advance of the workshop, if you would like Zoom help .

Do I need SMG membership to attend the Day of Tunes?

No. The main benefit of SMG membership is the discount it gives on class fees. However there is no membership discount for workshop tickets.

If you would like to support the work of SMG please click here for more information about membership or to make a donation click here

Can I have a refund?

Workshops run according to demand and fees are non-refundable. If that would lead to exceptional hardship for you, then please get in touch with the office to explain your particular circumstances, which will be treated confidentially.

Please note that in the case of SMG cancelling this workshop day, e.g. due to low numbers, refunds will be given in full. If part of a day workshop is cancelled, a proportional partial refund will be given.