Ukulele 1 – complete beginners

Aimed at complete beginners or people who have only played for a few months.  Learn the basics of playing the ukulele: simple scales, chords, strumming patterns and basic picking, with a view to accompanying yourself and other people, or playing as part of a group.  We will also look at how to tune and maintain your instrument. You should have a ukulele to bring to the class.

Times: Wednesday 7-9pm James Gillespie’s High School
Room : 2.24
Tutor: Colin Graham


Ukulele Session Group

For more established players, as a complement to our taught Ukulele 1 class.

For those with some confidence on the ukulele, this group concentrates on learning repertoire and getting it to performance standard. For ukulele players who want to play with other people at a comfortable pace in a friendly and encouraging environment. This is not a formal taught class, but led in a structured way by Colin Graham who also teaches Ukulele 1.

A note regarding pricing:
Previous versions of this group were priced very modestly to allow the ukulele group to become established. As our venue, tutor and office costs will change significantly this year,  we are increasing prices closer to those of a full formal class, to reflect these costs more realistically, and also to be fairer to other SMG students who pay regular class rates.

Times: Thursday at 7-9pm James Gillespie’s High School
Room: 2.18
Tutor: Colin Graham


Term 1: SMG member £40 / £30 concs, non member £60 / £50 concs
Term 2: SMG member £34 / £24 concs, non member £54 / £44 concs
Term 3: SMG member £28 / £20 concs, non member £43 / £36 concs