Sat 30th March & Sat 6th April 2019

Attention guitar and fiddle students!

Keep your musical chops up over the Easter holidays by attending one of our invigorating Easter Music Days. In the capable hands of Rachel (fiddle) and Michael (guitar), students will focus for a full day on skill and musicianship, with significant emphasis placed on the art of collaboration. Improve your ability to play together, to listen to each other and to respond in a musical way.

For guitar players and fiddle players who want to improve their technique, keep their learning up over the SMG holidays and learn more about playing together/arranging music.

Open to all adults aged 18+

Saturday 30th March is aimed at post-beginners, e.g. Fiddle/Guitar levels 1 & 2
Saturday 6th April is aimed at intermediate players, e.g. Fiddle/Guitar levels 3 & 4

Course principle: The fiddles and guitars will have separate sessions with their tutors but, throughout the day, will come together and mix in various ways, e.g. large group tune arrangement, playing in pairs/small groups.

Venue: St Vincent’s Chapel, St Vincent Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 6SW

Time: 10am – 4pm

Prices: SMG members £45 / £30 concession * Non-members £55 / £40 concession

Tutors: Rachel Walker (fiddle) and Michael Starkey (guitar)