The listings below relate to the 2016-17 programme, shown for reference only.

The new class programme for 2017-18 will open for booking on 1st August 2017.

Piano Accordion 1

Unfortunately due to low numbers Piano Accordion 1 will not be running in Terms 2 & 3. Please contact the office if you hoped to join this class.

An introduction to the Piano Accordion.

Learn the note names and hand positions of the left and right keyboard before being introduced to a small selection of tunes. Initially playing this new repertoire on the right and left hand separately, you will go on to receive an introduction to the skills and technique required in playing ‘both hands together.

Times: Not running in Terms 2 & 3
Room: n/a
Tutor: Matthew Maclennan

Piano Accordion 2

Students attending this class should be able to play a minimum of two tunes at a competent level, right hand only, as well as have a basic knowledge of left hand note names and positions. Some experience of playing left and right hand together would be advantageous.

Times: Wednesday at 7-9pm Boroughmuir School
Tutor: Andrew Warren

Piano Accordion 3

This class allows reasonably competent accordionists to develop their skills further, learning a wide variety of tunes and concentrating on improving fingering technique and style. This well established class have now published their own website:

Times: Wednesday at 7-9pm Boroughmuir School
Room: 2.05
Tutor: Keith Dickson