Scots Music Group runs traditional music and song classes for adults, informal sessions, monthly ceilidhs and other social events.
We are a community-based charity in Edinburgh.

Gig Buddies pairs adults with a learning disability to volunteers who share the same interests to get to know each other and explore their shared passion together! The events of 2020 have meant many people are more socially isolated than ever. Gig Buddies aims to tackle these issues by encouraging people to expand their social circles and develop relationships outside of formal support. They currently work in Edinburgh, Glasgow and West Lothian.

“Music is my lifeline. I’m struggling sitting in the house bored and Gig Buddies keeps me from getting down and depressed. I’ve never had so much enjoyment and felt so supported.” – Gig Buddies Member

Volunteering as a Gig Buddy means being paired to someone who shares similar interests and developing an informal relationship. This usually means meeting up roughly once a month and getting out to a gig or show, however things are slightly different at the moment. Currently pairings are getting to know each other online and are planning to get out to events in the near future. Gig Buddies are also running their own socials and mixers for members and volunteers to get to know each other.

For more information about Gig Buddies in Scotland and how to become a volunteer go to