Term 2 Short Courses at James Gillespie’s High School

Running for 4 weeks on Wednesdays 27th Feb, 6th, 13th & 20th March from 7-9pm

5-string Banjo – clawhammer / frailing style 
Aimed at those who have little or no experience of the banjo but have roughly a year’s experience playing another fretted stringed instrument e.g. guitar, mandolin, ukulele, tenor banjo. Please note, this short course will look specifically at clawhammer or frailing 5-string banjo, as opposed to tenor banjo (4 string) or bluegrass/Scruggs style/three finger playing. Learn the basic rhythm hand technique, exploring the banjo and old time style playing and working on a few simple tunes. Ideally you should have a 5-string, open back banjo.
Tutor: Michael Starkey

Bòdhran – Improving Beginners
For people already familiar with the basics of the bòdhran, a traditional Irish percussion instrument now very popular in Scottish and wider traditional music circles. The course will cover core reel, jig & slip jig rhythms. You will also look at more advanced tipper techniques, using the left hand for pitch and timbre and different styles of accompaniment.
Tutor: Andy May

Beginners’ Moothie (harmonica) in D 
Beginners’ Traditional Harmonica playing. You will need a Tremolo Harmonica in the key of D (not C) e.g Hohner Big Valley D (costs around £15-£20). D tuning will allow players to play tunes with other instruments in the key of D. The course will cover: the major scale, 1st position; an introduction to 2nd and 3rd position playing, and tongue blocking technique. You will learn to play 2 simple traditional tunes with an introduction to other tunes.
Tutor: Ian Wormald

Cost: As these are short courses, they are priced differently from standard weekly classes:
SMG member £40 / £32 concession
Non-member £47 / £39 concession

Book now at www.scotsmusic.org/classes/short-courses-2019/