5-String Banjo – clawhammer style

Improving Beginners

A continuation from last year’s 5 string banjo class and so aimed at those with at least a year’s experience playing clawhammer/frailing banjo (please contact the tutor via the Office if unsure about the style). We will continue our exploration into the role of the banjo in old time music with occasional detours into other genres. New techniques will be introduced to help add musicality to our playing as we start to tackle more complex tunes and song arrangements.

To get the most out of this class, you should be comfortable with the fundamental clawhammer rhythm hand technique and have some experience of both double and drop thumbing. You should also have a basic familiarity with two common tunings (open G and double C). 

Delivery: The class will be delivered via a mixture of pre-recorded video, live Zoom sessions (arrangement tbc depending on group size) and accompanying written learning materials. There will also be the option for short 1:1 sessions, again via Zoom, to allow more detailed feedback to be provided to students.
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 7pm – approx 8pm
Maximum class size: 12
Tutor: Michael Starkey